Over the last 7 years I have felt very lucky to work with lot’s of boys at Hackham East Primary School on their blogging journey. This year, I am moving into a leadership position at Woodend Primary School. If you would like to connect with me and my new class you can do so HERE.

Hopefully, the year 6/7 boys class will continue to blog and I will certainly be checking back here regularly to see how they are going! I encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for all of the support and connections through the blog over many years. I look forward to connecting again in a new space.

Jarrod Lamshed
T: @jlamshed

School Concert Resources – Shake A Tail Feather

For this year’s concert item, we are performing “Shake a Tail Feather” from The Blues Brothers movie by Ray Charles. The videos below will help with concert practice.

This first clip is the original clip from the movie:

The second clip is shows the choreography. Our choreography begins around the 2 minute mark.

.. and the FINAL clip is for those who are brave enough to have a go at being our singers (Karaoke track). Some of the words aren’t right so be aware.


Karaoke Track with vocal guide (sorry!) – A good idea to practice with this to get ready for your recording.

Mr Lamshed’s Class – Facebook


We have created an official Facebook page for Mr Lamshed’s class. This page has been created as a way to improve communication between school and home. The idea is to use this page to post reminders and updates. If you have questions or want to discuss things specific to your child, this is probably not the place for that. My hope is that this will help to keep people informed even when notes are lost in the bottom of school bags! If you are a parent in our class and would like to join the group, click on the link below. I will need to approve your membership before you will be able to see any posts.


A Letter From Ms Campbell

Today I received this letter via email from Ms Campbell, a teacher who recently spent the day in our class while I was away. I thought it was important to share this here! Well done boys. You should be very proud if yourselves.


Hello Jarrod,

The purpose of this letter is thank you and your class for making my time at Hackham East Primary School one that I will never forget. In fact I have put it down as one of my best days of teaching.

As you know being a relief teacher can be a very tricky role but when greeted by enthusiastic students who are willing to help and support you through the day, a significant transformation takes place.

The level of respect, emotional intelligence and support was overwhelming positive. I think that it is really important that the students and the parent community understand that whatever you are doing in the school has been working to create citizens that we can all be proud of.

This year, I have also worked as a relieving PE teacher at Hackham East and I wish to commend the students that I have come in contact from a range of Year 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 classes. They too are displaying a high level of respect, emotional intelligence and support for each other and for me as their relieving teacher.

I believe that the Play Is The Way Program and literacy programs such as Jolly Phonics as well as the teaching of values, manners and respect have made a significant difference to the way the children see themselves as a learner and how they function in their learning environments.

I also believe that having separate boy and girl classes has also provided many learning opportunities that are difficult to provide in mixed classes.

Please share my insight with the staff, students and school community, as I believe it is important to take time to reflect on the successes of the positive work that you have all committed to. It is definitely shows in the way your students behave.

Yours truly,

Salli-Jane Campbell (a.k.a. Ms. Campbell)